One Can Not Be to Careful


What are the similarities between censorship and self-censorship?
In both cases because of fear (fear of the other’s voices or our own ones),
men from governments, society as well as the single individual, limits and suppresses ideas and spaces (both phisically and spiritually).

With the convinction that men can control the fate of other men, we decide that some ideas are better than others while some should not be taken into consideration. Therefore they stop us (or we stop ourselves) from listening to our inner voice.

Therefore they build theme parks next to nuclear power stations.

Consequently we get closer to the catastrophe; the catastrophe of separating us from what is our scope in life: to live in harmony with nature and to elevate ourselves spiritually.

But nature is stronger than that and nature will always prevail.

Like what happened in Chernobyl.

They built and misoperated a nuclear power station and as a result
the worst nuclear accident in world history took place.
But surprisingly nature, which was first deeply affected, found a way to flourish again and the bison that were almost extinct in Europe found a way back into a deeply contaminaited zone.

I see these wild animal as a representation of the human’s soul (which must stay connected with nature) and which, in spite of the limits and controls imposed upon ourselves, will be always capable of regenerating and find its true scope: living in harmony among the herd.

Be part of Pripjat’s bison’s herd.

Illustration made for ‘One Can Not Be to Careful’ collective show.