Homeless in Brighton

Sketches made between June/October 2018 in Brighton while meeting people living on the streets, those that are simply there to raise some money, those that they look for help or those that they do not search for help but appreciate a gentle company; free kitchens offering a warm meal or places of gatherings now forgotten. Some of these men are still found on Brighton’s streets, others have been lucky to get an accomodation or a sort of job. A good lot has now disappeared from the streets of Brighton and who knows where they moved next. Many, especially those over a certain age, they used to have a decent life but because life takes unexpected directions, they ended up on the street. Soon I will give more infos about this project and my current volunteer project with Just Life studio.

‘If you want the world to go forward we must hold hands, we must mix with the so – called healthy with so – called sick’, From A.Tarkovsky movie ‘Nostalgia’

Medium: Charcoal and pastels on paper, sizes: different formats