Federico De Cicco/ Zumar7

Hello, for any inquiries, please contact me at the above email address.

Federico is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK.
All his works are made by hand using inks and acrylics, and often a combination of the two.

In the last few years he has focused mainly on the creation of editorial images for magazines as well as on poster designs, often communicating ideas linked to social or environmental issues.
At the same time, he also produces more experimental images based
on personal projects or when taking part in art exhibitions.

Selected Client List:

  • Blue Sky Entertainment, Love Nature (UK)
  • Groovemaster Music Academy (Italy)
  • Kaplan International College (UK)
  • Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper (Italy)
  • Italian National Film School (Italy)
  • La Peste magazine (Mex)
  • Philosophy Now magazine (UK)
  • Scarp da Tenis magazine (Italy)
  • Tecniche Nuove Publishing House (Italy)
  • Terre di Mezzo magazine (Italy)
  • Umbrella magazine (UK)
  • Victory magazine (USA)
  • Viewpoint magazine (USA)

Non – profit organisation list:

  • Do the Green Thing (UK)
  • Embrace Cooperation ltd (UK)
  • E-Il Mensile magazine, Emergency (Italy)
  • Save the Children (Italy)
  • World Cetacean Alliance (UK)
  • WWF with CREDA (Italy)

Group & solo Exhibitions

  • 2017, Across The Free Land, book presentation and show, O N C A, Brighton
  • 2017, Homage to Andrei Tarkovsky, solo show, Kahaila Cafe, London
  • 2016, Across The Free Land, solo show, Hundred Years Gallery, London
  • 2016, Open Artist house festival, Claremont Hotel, Hove
  • 2015, Open Artist house festival, Claremont Hotel, Hove
  • 2015, Kahaila Cafè, zumar7 illustrated works, London
  • 2014, House of Illustration, Illustration Fair collective show, London
  • 2013, No Space Gallery, Gift, Geshenk, Cadeau, Milano
  • 2013, Fryingtahu, Santeria, Milano
  • 2013, Fryingtahu, Bandung, Indonesia
  • 2012, Cadono Nani, Inciampano Giganti, Monza
  • 2011, Sabotage Crew anniversary, Monza
  • 2010, Zumar7 Opening Studio, Monza
  • 2010, The Legion, London